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This list is far from exhaustive but offers visitors links to websites which give information about individuals and organisations that have been associated with the performance of Gwyn Pritchard's music, or are in some way relevant to it. A few links are included simply because they may be of general interest to people who visit this website.

Contemporary music information & resources

Classical composers' database
Composition Today

Sound and Music
Gaudeamus Foundation
International Association of Music Information Centres

Performers & ensembles

David Alberman
Kees Bakels
John Beck
BBC Symphony Orchestra
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Ensemble Phoenix Basel

Marino Formenti
Consuelo Giulianelli
Maurizio Grandinetti
Roger Heaton
Nicolas Hodges

Sarah Leonard
Carin Levine
London Sinfonietta
Jane Manning

Domenico Melchiorre
Ernesto Molinari
Darragh Morgan

Sarah Nicolls
Ian Pace
Marta Ptaszynska
Quadriga Bassoon Ensemble
Philippe Racine

Christopher Redgate

Giovanni Ricciardi
Nancy Ruffer
San Felice ContempoEnsemble

Steven Schick
Allan Schiller
Andrew Sparling
Rowland Sutherland
Mikel Toms

Uroboros Ensemble

Garry Walker


Claudio Ambrosini
Alex Buess

Andrea Cavallari
Joe Cutler
Michael Finnissy

Georg Katzer

Jonathan Powell

Alwynne Pritchard

Uros Rojko

Kunsu Shim

Gerhard Stäbler

Knut Vaage
Lothar Voigtländer

Peter Wiegold

Helmut Zapf

Institutions, Festivals,  Venues, etc.

Arnolfini, Bristol
Basel City Theatre
Basel Music Academy
BBC Music

Florence Chamber Music Festival
Gare du Nord, Basel
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
The Michael Tippet Centre, Bath
Pyramidale, Berlin

Reggello International Festival
Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama
St Giles' Cripplegate, London
Trinity College of Music

The South Bank concert halls, London
Theatre Dimitri
Warsaw Autumn Festival
Weimar Spring Music Days
Zepernicker Randspiele, Berlin

Trusts and Foundations

The Britten-Pears Foundation
The Hinrichsen Foundation
The RVW Trust
The PRS Foundation


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