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Gwyn Pritchard: Capriccio Fluido

solo oboe


Written in 2010, Capriccio Fluido is dedicated to oboist Peter Veale and was inspired by hearing him give a performance of another work of mine for solo oboe solo, Capriccio Inquieto.  That piece is very demanding and I became interested in the idea of writing another, equally demanding, piece which would contrast it, so that they could either be played either as independent items or as a single work in two movements.  Although the piece uses only a limited number of extended oboe techniques Peter Veale’s gift to me of his remarkable book The Techniques of Oboe Playing provided me with the specific technical information  I needed to achieve the characteristic sounds that are fundamental to the piece.  The reason for ‘Fluido’  (fluid) in the title is self evident on hearing it.


Gwyn Pritchard (2012)


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