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Gwyn Pritchard: In Passing
flute & marimba (2005)  


In Passing is so called as, throughout the course of the piece, the two instruments pursue defined musical pathways which, despite their independence, are constantly influencing one another.


In essence the flute's music moves from the rapid material of its opening to the long, sustained sounds towards the end of the piece, and the marimba does exactly the contrary. However both take a somewhat circuitous route with many interjections of moments that are theoretically out of place in their gradual transformation processes. More important than the two individual trajectories, however, are the numerous moments when an event in one player’s material sets off a reaction in the music of the other player; and the consequent tension between autonomy on the one hand and interaction on the other is what gives this music its character.


In Passing is dedicated to the Kate and Amy Kelly for whom the piece was commissioned with funds from Arts Council England for performance at the Corsham Festival 2005.

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